Local Knowledge, Global Focus
  • Energy Services

    Adventium Global Inc is aware of the presence of huge mineral resources across the continent of Africa.

    The company will partner with reputable companies with cutting edge technologies in the developed countries to develop, train and harness the rich mineral potentials in Africa whilst improving the socio-economic conditions of the Continent.

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  • Environmental & Waste Management Services

    The African Continent is saddled with severe environmental challenges such as desertification, hydrocarbon pollution; industrial and domestic waste management, non availability of potable water and oil spillage from crude oil exploration activities in oil producing countries like Angola, Nigeria, Congo DRC...

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  • Marine Services

    The company will assist partner companies in Africa in sourcing Vessels for petroleum product supply and various platform and offshore support vessels for supply to multinational exploration and production companies in their country of operations either on a long-term lease or outright acquisition.

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  • Auto and Industrial Equipment Export Services

    Adventium Global Inc is a wholesale exporter of brand new and pre-owned vehicles as well as spare parts to Africa.

    The company is also into the export of American made mass transit buses, tankers, trailers as well as specialized heavy duty industrial (including mining)...

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Welcome to Adventium Global Inc.

we bring companies, products and services from the developed countries that are necessary for the growth and development of the emerging economies.  

Our Business

Adventium Global Inc. was borne out of an overriding desire of the promoters to leverage on the innovative technologies, products, services and the technical and financial competencies that abound in North America, Europe and Asia to advance commerce…

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With a rapidly growing, youthful and discerning population, Africa is gradually becoming a huge market for services industries. The upper and middle class citizens have preferences for world class services particularly services provided by reputable …

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Renewable Energy

As a technological sourcing organization, one of the company’s business area is the deployment of solar solutions in driving business in Africa. Developing countries particularly in sub-Sahara Africa have abundant sunlight but lacked adequate electric power supply.

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What makes us great?

Our ability to recognize local resources and creatively utilize these resources to create value in our chosen markets globally.