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Environmental and Waste Management Services

The African Continent is saddled with severe environmental challenges such as desertification, hydrocarbon pollution; industrial and domestic waste management, non availability of potable water and oil spillage from crude oil exploration activities in oil producing countries like Angola, Nigeria, Congo DRC and oil prospecting countries like Ghana, Mozambique, etc.

The Company is partnering with a USA based company that manufactures proprietary and innovative biodegradable products for hydrocarbon and oil spill clean-up and bio-remediation of heavily polluted soil and environment. The relationship with this company will also involve the deployment of machineries and equipment required to execute bio-remediation projects as well as the provision of technical and training support for our partner companies in Africa in all areas of environmental studies such as EIA, EIS, etc.

Adventium Global Inc is securing the mandate of two Italian companies with technologies for converting domestic and industrial wastes to energy and for separation of oil from water.

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