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Partners and Affiliates

Adventium Global Inc. has business relationships with the following companies:

    • Imbibitive Technologies Inc – Adventium Global Incorporation has a working relationship with Imbibitive Technologies Inc as a Stocking, Marketing Distributor for the Company’s products in 13 African Countries including: Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Senegal, Niger, Guinea, Ghana, Angola, Cameroon, and Côte D’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Namibia and the Republic of Benin.

      • Energy Dynamics Corporation International – The Company is the foremost Company in the conversion of MSW, COAL, WOOD CHIP, ETC to Energy using a revolutionary cutting-edge technology for conversion. The technology converts what we do not need to what is needed. This technology, unlike other existing technologies does not require high energy input to initiate the conversion process. The Company is based in the United States of America and has deployed the solution in Puerto Rico.

        • Alabaster Corporation based in Pasadena, Texas – company is the manufacturer of biodegradable environmental remediationproducts. Adventium Global Inc is the Company’s representative in Africa.
          • Ship and Oil Services Ltd – an oil and gas company based in Nigeria.
              • Corinthian Spices Ltd – an agro-allied manufacturing company based in Nigeria

            Adventium Global Inc is presently in discussion with an Italian company for the commercialization of a new technology for use in the Oil and Gas Industry.

            The company has developed competencies for project and commodity finance in Africa through an on-going relationship with companies in Europe and Canada.


            Adventium Global Inc has developed good relationships with credible financial (multi-lateral, private equity, venture capital, etc) institutions for funding projects for her affiliate companies in their chosen areas and markets.

What makes us great?

Our distinctive advantage to customize products and services that add value to the needs of the client/target market efficiently.